Seed Paper India Review

Hi Guys! As you all know I am a crafter and a paper lover, I am always looking for different types of papers and always imagining what I can make next with these versatile papers. Let me tell you that I am not only a crafter but also a plant lover..

Few days ago, I came across a kind of paper that gives a lot of things back to us, to the nature. Actually it is a Seed Paper... If you don't know what a seed paper is, I have got you covered...

The world is getting creative and innovative with time than why can planting not be? To all my plant lovers, today I have got something really exciting for you all.. I am actually going to discuss and share my opinion about Seed Papers, Seed Pens, Seed Pencils and Seed Bombs with you all.
Seed paper is a really great way to do justice with nature, contribute a little bit towards our mother earth, recycle a lot of stuff and get beautiful little garden at our home by taking a few quick steps and no hassle involved.

This approach is bio degradable and very beneficial for Earth as well as human beings. If you don't know what a plantable paper or pencil is or where you can find them in India, I am here to solve your queries..

Unveiling Seed Papers:

Seed papers are nothing but just normal papers that do not threat environment in any way.. They are a good solution of recycling paper wastage and can help in beautifying the surroundings. They have seeds artfully embedded in them.. 
Seed Paper

Where in India is it possible to get them?

You can get them in India by making a purchase on Seed Paper India and messaging them on Instagram about your interest in buying their products.. 

Seed Paper India has an astonishing range of seed papers, pens, pencils, wedding cards, business cards, bombs, tags, seed coins and much more...
Seed Bomb
Have a look at their seed coins...

25 Plantable Basil Seed Papers (Size: 4*6")

Price ₹625.00

For more price details, check the website....

These plants do not require any special or extra care. They can grow very easily in good clay and in coco peat... Have a look how beautiful these seedlings look...
The germination takes place just like a normal plant... 

The Benefits of Using Seed Paper:

The amount of paper filling up your local landfill is staggering and increasing every day. ... A remedy for this is to use seed paper. This is a biodegradable handmade type of paper that is not only made from recycled paper, but is embedded with plant and flower seeds.


  • Handy
  • Advanced
  • Easy to plant
  • Good for the nature
  • Bio degradable
  • Inexpensive
  • Hassle proof


  • None
If you want to contribute even a little bit towards nature, take this two in one step by purchasing plantable products from Seed Paper India. They will not only sprout into beautiful plants but will also decrease paper wastage and will recycle them..

I hope you all liked my review.. If yes, don't forget to share this post and tell your friends about this amazing and innovative step towards reducing paper wastage and promoting plantation...



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